The pristine area of Canadian Shield and mature stands of conifer and deciduous forest is home to multiple species of big game and the waters around them are home to BIG fish and lots of them. Walleye and Northern Pike are the major species here but the angler will encounter sauger, perch, goldeye and crappie as well. The land area drops 200 feet from the Ontario border to Lake Winnipeg, about 2 feet per mile! This creates large flooded lake areas and numerous rapids and waterfalls, excellent “chow down” areas for hungry Northern and tasty Walleye. The river and lake system insures that you will never be wind bound and waste a day, you can always find a spot to tuck in out of the elements, PLUS current fish are not “shut down” by cold fronts
The avid angler will experience lazy bays and hidden weedy ambush spots where you can toss top water baits and flowing, bubbling fast water areas just right for a jig and minnow! Can you smell the Walleye bubbling in the frying pan? Guides are not necessary but can be arranged.
Tactics include the favorite, jig and a minnow or twister tail, any colour will do and a bottom bouncer if you like to troll up your walleye. A crank bait or 2 can add a bit of excitement.
Northerns can be taken on top water baits and the standard Red Devil or Johnson Minnow. You may find a Northern chewing on your Walleye as you are bring it to the boat! A large tackle box is not needed here, basic fare is all that is required.