These are photos from recent fishing trip to northern Manitoba.

We flew to Winnipeg (from Santa Fe) and drove about 2 hours north to float plane camp (Matheson Island) and spent the first night in relative luxury.

We left the following morning on De Haviland "Otter", a 9-cylinder radial-engine float plane to a remote fishing camp on Longish Lakes, about 60 miles north. Total payload was about 1,500 lbs. plus fuel.

Pilot dropped us off and said he'd be back in 3 days. There was a propane refrigerator and cook-top and photo-voltaic for lighting. We were probably 100 miles from the nearest fence post.

Had a blast with Ingela, Sofia and Michael. Caught more fish than we knew what to do with. Fried them in lard!

If you're interested in further information about the camp please Google [].